Poundland news: Discounter launches home delivery trial with plans to roll out across the


Poundland is known for its incredibly low prices, stocking a huge variety of items from food to toiletries to homeware. The discounter has shared that it has been working on its home delivery trial since the end of February this year.

Pepco CFO Nick Whartons said: “In the balance of 2021 we will be trialling both in Pepco and Poundland a series of online models and these will test a variety of approaches to online.

“We’ll test home delivery as well as click & collect in-store.

“And we’ll also have our own e-commerce platform, our own transactional website, but also test the benefits of being on a shared marketplace, essentially to share the costs of that operating base.”

Poundland also recently reopened 55 new stores this month, with the intention to introduce more frozen and chilled food items to its growing grocery range.

In the new stores, customers can find more “day-to-day brands” like Nutella, Marmite and Old El Paso.

Additionally, frozen and chilled food ranges, which Poundland started to introduce to stores in October last year, have now reached 130 branches across the UK.

Customers can also find frozen aisles in selected stores including ready meals as well as a range of pizza and fish.

Austin Cooke, retail and transformation director, said: “The past year has shown how important Poundland stores are to their local communities and providing a range of chilled and frozen food means our customers can get more of what they need in one shopping trip.

“Where we’ve given stores a makeover, the feedback has been tremendous. Shoppers love the extended ranges, and not just in chilled and frozen, and they really like the store layouts and the work we’ve done to make it easier to shop and check out.”

In other home delivery news, Asda has made a huge change to its service this week in a bid to reduce its use of plastic.

This week, the supermarket will start delivering shoppers’ online orders without using plastic carrier bags.

Customers are expected to receive bagless groceries from April 30.

Asda stopped offering plastic bags as part of its online orders in 2019, but brought them back at the beginning of the pandemic due to hygiene reasons.

Earlier this month, the supermarket stated that it will be cutting back on plastic on its chicken packaging.

It has launched new packaging for chicken products that will cut back on 450 tonnes of plastic and reduce plastic packaging by up to 50 percent on its poultry range.

Many supermarkets are attempting to reduce their plastic packaging to make food shopping more environmentally friendly.

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