‘Isolated’ Brian May’s emotional new message to fans: ‘I feel so loved and so alone’ | Music | Entertainment


In his powerfully honest post, he goes on to say: “The concerts themselves are the moments where the most intense contact happens through the music. I love to see people’s faces when we are in mid flight, playing our hearts out. To see faces and make eye contact, to see hands waving, hear screams of joy, is like nothing else on Earth.”

However, the rock star had some blunt words for certain fans as he wrote: “It’s a little less inspiring to be looking [at] phone cameras, but I can understand …. and it’s even less helpful being confronted with messages like “Give me your sticks Roger” or “I need your pick Brian”. Especially when I can see that the boards they are holding up are obscuring the view of someone behind them. I will never encourage people to do that. I’ll always try to give a pick to someone who doesn’t ask.”

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