Game of Thrones: HBO adapting Dunk and Egg books – Very different from House of the Dragon | Books | Entertainment


For diehard fans and casual viewers alike, this latest show will be a welcome contrast to Game of Thrones and the upcoming House of the Dragon, which is expected to deliver even greater drama, betrayals and bloodshed.

The Dunk and Egg stories run alongside the main events in Westeros but have a lighter, slightly more ‘innocent’ tone. Even though the young boy ‘Egg’ is actually a Targaryen, he is far removed from the line of succession throughout the events of these first books. It is only later in life that he will eventually take the Iron Throne himself as Aemon Targaryen.

The books depict a sweet-natured character who always, ultimately, seeks to do the right thing and is guided by Ser Duncan, a fiercely humble and honourable knight. Together, Martin uses them to show how Westeros could have been if good men were allowed to govern.

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