Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall jewellery: Royal has £100,000 engagement ring from Charles


, 73, has been a member of the for more than 15 years. This means she has access to some of the most stunning pieces of jewellery. The royal also has an impressive engagement ring of her own. 

According to the experts, Camilla’s ring features five carats and is an emerald cut ring.

In the UK, the average weight of a diamond in an engagement ring sits at 0.6 carats, which means the Duchess’ ring is significantly larger than the standard carat.

Emerald cut engagement rings are extremely rare and harder to find, which no doubt increases the price of the pieces. 

According to EST1897 Camilla’s engagement ring, which once belonged to the Queen Mother, is now worth an estimated £100,000.

Ben Jarret from EST1897 commented: “The English Royal Family are known for their crown jewels and luxurious taste. Their engagement rings often contain family heirlooms, with diamonds being passed down and often re-set into new bands.

“Despite being highly wealthy and at the top of English society the royals keep their engagement rings understated when compared to the value of rings given to A-list celebrities. However, whilst the value of the stones and bands can be estimated, being owned by Royals would hugely inflate the value if they ever reached the market.”

Camilla isn’t the only royal to have an impressive engagement ring. 

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring previously belonged to Princess Diana and has a large oval sapphire as the centrepiece surrounded by sparkly diamonds. 

Kate can be seen wearing her large engagement ring on royal engagements and only tends to remove it during hospital visits.

She will also often pair it against her wedding band which is a thin gold ring.

According to the jewellery experts at EST1897, the royal’s engagement ring from Prince William could be as worth as £390,000 consisting of 12 carats.

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