Brits shun traditional Valentine’s Day date night – in favour of saucy night in


More than four in ten (44 percent) always use this day as an opportunity to show their partner how much they love them, with 17 percent planning to get creative with the likes of toys, or role play, to spice up their evening.

The study found when it comes to gifts, 68 percent want to spend money on their loved one, despite the cost-of-living crisis – with the average Valentine’s Day enthusiast anticipating spending £43.97.

This is an increase of 13 percent in spending in 2022, and 16 percent more than in 2021.

The research, commissioned by JD Williams, also found ladies will splash less cash than men – who anticipate spending an average of £54, compared to the £36 women have budgeted for.

Flowers, chocolate, and an evening meal top the list of gift choices for both sexes – and of those who plan to buy underwear, 54 percent are purchasing it to wear as a surprise for their other half on the big day.

Esme Stone, at JD Williams, said: “In the last few years we’ve all had a lesson in the virtues of staying indoors – and, for many romantic Brits, cuddling up with their other half this Valentine’s Day just makes sense.

“With everyone being more money conscious, as well as the cold temperatures outside, it’s not a huge surprise that “in” seems to be the new “out”.”

It also emerged almost half (48 percent) are now turning to romance as a cheaper way of having fun, as the cost-of-living crisis forces the purse strings to be tightened.

With people having to make certain cutbacks on things, including subscriptions (23 percent), eating out (49 percent), and even heating (39 percent), it’s no wonder sparks are being reignited in people’s homes.

Of those who don’t believe in grand gestures, 83 percent think there are different ways to show love and affection for their other half.

A fifth are more likely to have sex on Valentine’s Day in comparison to any other day – with this also being true for 31 percent of singletons who are casually dating.

And 41 percent of all adults polled wish they had more time under the sheets than they currently do – with this being a desire for four in ten married people.

Only 17 percent are good at being spontaneous in their relationship, with men more so than women – but 44 percent would like to be more impulsive when it comes to their love life.

Three in ten women polled, via OnePoll, will wear sexy or expensive lingerie for the benefit of who they are with, with one in four (26 percent) claiming age has helped them become more confident in the bedroom.

However, 34 percent are comfortable within their own skin, and 29 percent will put on nice underwear to give themselves a confidence boost – whether they are in a relationship or not.

Of those who do this, 36 percent are currently single and not actively dating, while 42 percent do have a partner, but believe self-love is still important when in a relationship.

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