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Now you’re just as likely to find her gardening as gigging. In an interview with Saga Magazine, the singer opens up about her wild drug-taking days on the road with Blondie.

She also tells of her resolve to keep in shape as she has “a certain amount of vanity”, adding: “I just hate the feeling of carrying extra weight”.

Speaking at her home in New Jersey after finishing a US tour she says: “Being on stage with the band was fun, we were loving it. We’re a bunch of old-timers, let’s face it.”

“I think it’s important to keep on working. I feel I’m good at what I do, and I don’t wanna stop.”

But she concedes “maybe for five days” she likes being on tour as it’s “hard physically to be trooping around, moving your things in and out of hotels and going through airports”.

Debbie has lived in Manhattan for 40 years but the quiet country life is now her refuge. She says: “I think having a little alternative universe is very good for writing.

“The shock of being surrounded by leaves and trees, the smell of it, is intoxicating.”

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