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slept with many women throughout his career, but nobody ever compared to .

The two stars met on the set of their 1964 movie, Viva Las Vegas, and a sordid love affair began, lasting just over a year.

People around Elvis and Ann-Margret at the time said they were perfect for one another. They became inseparable, and spent every moment together – but it had to come to an end.

After Elvis’ long-term girlfriend Priscilla Presley found out about the tryst, she was understandably furious. She made Elvis end his relationship with Ann-Margret, but their connection never faltered.

The former lovers saw one another occasionally in the following ten years before Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977. After he died, Ann-Margret was the only person from the King’s life in Hollywood who attended his funeral. But Ann-Margret’s compassion didn’t die with him.

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Two years after Elvis’ death, in 1979, Ann-Margret heard that his father, Vernon Presley, was extremely ill.

She instantly jumped into action and showed Elvis, one last time, just how much she loved him. Ann-Margret hopped on a plane and flew to Memphis, Tennessee, to see Vernon one last time.

Together, they spoke about the one thing they had in common: their love for Elvis. Ann-Margret recalled: “We had a good visit, laughing and crying and trading stories.”

Eventually, though, the conversation turned sombre.

“He told me how much he missed his son,” Ann-Margret remembered. “And I said that I missed him, too.”

Vernon died a few months later on June 26, 1979. It is not known if Ann-Margret attended his funeral.

Ann-Margret and Vernon previously shared a strong connection at Elvis’ funeral, though.

When Ann-Margret arrived at Graceland on August 18, 1977, for Elvis’ funeral, Vernon was the first person she saw.

He instantly hugged her. She looked back: “There was so much to say, to recount. But instead, we cried.”

Vernon eventually told Ann-Margret how Elvis really felt about her before his death: “He was so proud of you.”

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