11 scented body lotions for fragrance that lasts all day long


If you are partial to a particular perfume, a complimentary body lotion can enhance the fragrance and help maintain the smell for longer periods of time, helping you get the most out of every spritz. But even if you’re not into perfume, there’s no need to invest in a posh one to help you smell amazing, a body lotion is just as (if not more so) adept at helping you smell great – and they’re far less expensive. Keep scrolling through to see our round-up of 12 richly fragranced body lotions that leave a lingering scent of deliciousness all day long.

Put the glow back into dry and lacklustre skin with this murmur butter and rose-infused body lotion that leaves skin looking, feeling, and smelling incredible.

RRP: £9, on sale now for £5.10 – you save £3.90

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Formulated with a classically feminine scent, this floral-inspired body lotion is made up of jasmine, orange blossom, rose, tuberose, and ylang-ylang.

RRP: £7.77

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Palmer’s classic coconut body lotion has been infused with coconut oil for even deeper hydration with that classic, summery coconut scent.

RRP: £3.75

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This body lotion has hydration hero, jojoba oil, infused with beautiful smelling cherry blossom for a beautiful smelling moisturiser.

RRP: £7.95

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If you prefer sweeter scents, this warm vanilla, shea butter, and sugar body lotion will be right up your alley.

With vitamin E for extra hydration and anti-aging benefits, you’ll be looking and smelling fabulous.

RRP: £18.95

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Fans of the best-selling perfume will adore this body lotion that has been infused with that classic oriental and woody scent.

RRP: £58.11

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Infused with the fresh, luxurious, and fun scent of the Daisy perfume, this body lotion leaves skin soft and smooth.

RRP: £25.82, on sale now for £18.50 – you save £7.32

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A perfect combination of woody and floral, this is a feminine smelling body lotion that doesn’t go overboard with the sweetness.

RRP: £29.50, on sale now for £20.95 – you save £8.55

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One of the most popular body creams in recent memory, lovers of this delicious smelling lotion say it smells just like a summer holiday, and leaves their skin hydrated but not greasy.

RRP: £18

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