Trolls World Tour: How Trolls sequel was ALWAYS going to be good | Films | Entertainment


According to Flula, the film was always going to be good because it was being made at all, and the first film’s success helped to cement the first.

Trolls World Tour came out in a strange way compared to its predecessor, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the distributors to release the film digitally rather than on the big screen.

Speaking of how this affected things both as actors promoting the film and for the movie itself, Flula said: “Because of the pandemic, as soon as it started, everything that was in person – ‘Let’s do high fives! Perhaps a smooch on the cheek?’ None of it was allowed.

“So we [the cast] have not seen each other in a face to face way which has of course been a very strange trip that we are all on at the moment.

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