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Who is Rey really? The question was answered in The Last Jedi but, like much of that movie, what was shown failed to convince many. How and why is she so powerful? Seriously, how can she do things which Jedi, including Luke Skywalker or Anakin, take years of training to master? At last, there is an answer. Something huge is coming and director JJ Abrams just confirmed why.

Abrams told Rolling Stone about his plans for Rey and her powers: “Even at the very first meeting with Kathleen Kennedy, the idea came up about having a female at the centre of it.

“There was an inherent sense of ‘We’ve seen the story before of the young hero,’ but we’d never seen it through the eyes of a woman like this, and that, to me, was the most exciting thing.”

Although some distasteful elements of the backlash centred on Rey’s gender or, indeed, Finn’s ethnicity, there was a much larger unhappiness with one major and divisive part of Rey’s character.

Can we talk about ‘Mary Sue’?

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Abrams said; “Yeah, spooky, right? It’s a fair point. It’s not an accident…”

That’s right. This answers the biggest backlash issue fans have with Rey.

Her powers and instant ability with the Force are not random or simply going to be ignored. Thre is a reason, which has not been revealed yet.

Which leads directly to the two biggest theories about where Rey came from.

Most fans are convinced she is actually part of a major Jedi (or Sith) bloodline, whether it might be Skywalker, Palpatine, Kenobi or Jinn.

But this would not explain how she knows things without learning them.

More extreme theories suggest Rey could be a clone created from Anakin or Luke’s DNA.

Either way, at least now fans can have faith there is some form of substantial purpose at play.


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