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Bestselling children’s author David Walliams has seen his books slammed by fellow judge Simon Cowell. The pair were being interviewed by Heart when the Syco producer made the admission to the comedian. Walliams began by asking Cowell if he had read any of his children’s novels.

Speaking with Heart, Cowell jokingly replied: “I have to now to my son. It’s torture.”

Jamie Theakston asked: “Does Eric enjoy David’s books?.

To which the grumpy judge replied: “We had to read one the other night and I’m reading it literally through gritted teeth.”

While Walliams hit back: “I didn’t know you could read!”

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Perhaps Prince William was reading the latter?

The Beast of Buckingham Palace’s synopsis reads: “It is 2120 and London is in ruins. 

“The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace – but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters.

“In the dead of night something terrible stalks the corridors. When Alfred’s beloved mother the queen is dragged off to the Tower of London, the boy must summon all his courage to embark on an epic quest to save her… and the entire world.”

Walliams has seen incredible success with his children’s books as global sales have exceeded 35 million copies and been translated into 53 languages.

Last Halloween, Walliams dressed up as James Bond villain Blofeld, but fans confused him for Austin Powers’ spoof on the character, Dr Evil. Walliams had to post another picture of himself as the Bond villain to correct the mistake.

But considering the absence of Blofeld from the 007 franchise for so many years until of late, it’s unsurprising that the look is more associated with Dr Evil today.

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