Royal family star signs: How compatible are the royal couples according to astrology?


The Royal Family have managed to paint a picture of perfect relationships, but what are the Queen and Prince Philip REALLY like at home? Are Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall a good match, and what about Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? There has been much criticism of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – are the stars really aligned in their favour? chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology) to find out how compatible the royal couples are according to astrology.

How compatible are the royal couples according to astrology?

The Queen and Prince Philip

Francesca said: “Prince Philip is a Gemini but he has a Venus in Taurus and Moon in Leo.

“Gemini and Taurus are normally incompatible but because Venus is at five degrees of Taurus and the Queen is at one degree of Taurus, they connect well that way.

“They also both have the Moon in Leo, making each other feel at home.”

Their Leo Moons make them quite ambitious and passionate, but they both seek stability and commitment.

Francesca said: “Their identities are slightly different because he has somewhat more a mercurial and extroverted personality than the Queen who is quite introverted.”

She added: “The pair are both Rising Capricorn, so they both put on a front of power, professionalism and establishment.”

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Royal family star signs:

Royal family star signs: Here’s what the stars reveal about the Royals’ relationships (Image: Getty)

Royal family star signs:

Royal family star signs: Price Philip and the Queen are compatible (Image: Getty)

This Rising Capricorn could also suggest that Prince Philip and the Queen are both success-oriented planners who love a challenge.

They also rarely open up to others and are picky about who they have around them.

Image is very important to Rising Capricorns and they keep their circle small.

Francesca said: “They both have the MC (Medium Coeli or middle sky) in Scorpio, which means they are quite secretive.

“We see rule makers and leadership, but we don’t see what lies beneath.

“Ultimately they are compatible, but you never know how they behave behind closed doors.”

Royal family star signs:

Royal family star signs: Charles and Camilla are compatible, but may find eachother difficult (Image: Getty)

Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Just like the Queen and Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla have the same angles of the horoscope.

Francesca said: “They’re both rising Leo and both MC in Aries.

“They are seen as a bit more fun, glamorous, warm and fiery.

“He’s a Scorpio and she’s a Cancer, so that’s a nice match.

Prince Charles has Mars in Sagittarius which means he’s quite energetic and loves exploring, and this goes nicely with Camilla’s chatty and flexible Mars in Gemini.

Francesca said: “He’s got Venus in Libra, she’s got Mars in Gemini, so that’s a perfect trine.

“They have Venus and Mars connecting via air, and his Mars is fire while her Venus is water.”

Francesca reckons this makes their match a challenging one.

She’s easily bored and likes to live fast-paced life, but is also very empathetic and warm.

On the other hand, Francesca said: “Charles’ chart is quite dull, Scorpionic and earth-bound, and hers is quite fiery.

“They have some obvious attractions and a very similar approach to the world.

“They both have yin moons, they enjoy food, cooking, nature and family.

“Family matters a lot to Camilla, since she has so many planets in Cancer.

“It’s interesting that he’s married to Cancerian women, with Diana being a Cancer too.

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William and Kate

Prince William is a Cancer at 0 degrees like his Grandmother who is 0 degrees Taurus.

Being at 0 degrees of a sign means that you are a very pure and undiluted version of that sign

Francesca said: “While he is very homely and gentle as a Cancerian, his Rising Sagittarius means he likes travelling and going abroad.

“Kate doesn’t have that international vibe, but they both have the Moon in Cancer.

“There is nothing more lovely in relationship astrology than having the same Moon sign because it means your sense of home is the same thing.

“The Queen and Philip also have the same Moon sign.”

Royal family star signs:  william and kate

Royal family star signs: Kate and William have the same Moon sign (Image: Getty)

Francesca explained that the pair are lone wolves who were destined to find each other.

She said: “Both Prince William and Kate have challenging aspects of Saturn to that Moon, because their Saturns are at Libra square to that Moon.

“They are both lonely and isolated people innately but they keep each other company because they get each other.

“They were both born on eclipses, with Kate born two hours before a Lunar Eclipse and Prince William born eight hours after a solar eclipse.

“This means they were both born to be in the limelight, there’s a sense of destiny and fatedness.

“Kate’s lunar eclipse Moon falls in Prince William’s relationship sector in his seventh house, and they have exactly the same Mars in Libra.”

Their Venus’ aren’t fully compatible, Francesca said, with her Venus in Aquarius retrograde and his in Taurus.

She explained: “His Venus connects with her Moon which is nice and her Venus connects with her Mars, but they have different values.

“Both of them are loyal but his Venus Chiron suggests that he has had a wound repeated.

“His feminine archetype, ideas of romance, love, and mothering have all taken a hit.

“She can’t quite control herself or doesn’t know her own values or how to exert her love of freedom.”

Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry is a Virgo with Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius, the Moon in Taurus, and Venus in Libra.

This makes Prince Harry quite a determined person who wants true love and friendships, but also someone who is rebellious and quite light-hearted.

Francesca said: “If you look at his feminine principles in his seventh house, he’s looking for a Cancerian because he’s a Rising Capricorn like the Queen and Philip.

“Prince Harry’s chart weirdly looks like the institution, but Meghan is Rising Cancer.

“Having opposite Rising signs like this is an attractive feature.”

Rising Cancers are very sensitive, kind, emotional, and nurturing, and this nicely balances out his sometimes serious, uncertain and negative nature.

Francesca added: “Meghan has a stellium in Libra, Moon in Saturn and Jupiter which falls on Prince Harry’s Venus- she really represents the Libra woman.”

This means Meghan oozes femininity, intelligence, and charm, but she has a wild side to match Prince Harry’s.

Royal family star signs:  meghan and harry

Royal family star signs: Prince Harry and Meghan are a good match (Image: Getty)

Francesca said: “She has Mars in Cancer and he has Mars in Sagittarius, they are very opposing.

“Meghan is a ballsy Leo, born just after an eclipse and Prince Harry wasn’t.

“Prince Harry is a very loyal Moon in Taurus, she’s got a Moon Saturn which means she has some discomfort within her.

“There’s an obvious match between them because their rising signs are opposite, but their Virgo and Leo Sun signs don’t match.

“Their Moons don’t particularly get on either but her Moon attaches very strongly to his Venus, and his Moon attaches very strongly to her Uranus.

“She wakes him up and has come along and liberated him.

“However, Uranus also isolates and has its downsides.”

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