October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: What this Full Moon will force YOU to deal with


The Moon was at its fullest on Thursday, October 1, but it will appear full to the naked eye until Saturday, October 3. The Full Moon is in Aries and is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This is happening while the Sun is in Libra, the sign of relationships, so every sign will be seeing a lot of pain in their relationships, whether that’s with their partner, work colleague or themselves. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology) to find out your October Full Moon 2020 horoscope.


Francesca said: “This Full Moon is going to show you how you feel about yourself, which may be quite drained.

“Work is feeling a bit overbearing and your one to one relationships with people really could be irritating you right now.

“It’s a great time to focus on yourself. Do some reconsidering and replanning while your ruler Mars is in Aries.

“This Full Moon will show you what needs to go and what needs to be mended.”


Francesca said: “This Full Moon comes in your twelfth house which is your dreams and subconscious.

“This could’ve brought up some painful things that you weren’t aware of.

“Some old issues you thought you’d dealt with and the rumblings of your self conscious.

“This is a fantastic time to let them go and heal, whether it’s imbalances in your daily life or past life issues.

“Your subconscious will let you know if you’re not being healthy– if you’re not eating well, not exercising, and how this impacts our health.

“Feelings of loneliness and isolation are very common during times like this, and you need to make sure your day to day routine supports you.”

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October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: full moon

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: October has two Full Moons (Image: Getty)

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: couple full moon

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: This full moon will be about relationships for many signs (Image: Getty)


Francesca said: “The Full Moon is in your 11th house, so it’s about their friends, groups, associations, online, social media, and all of that.

“If you’ve been spending too much time texting or connecting with people then you should focus on your real life relationships a bit more and yourself.

“Be aware of the subconscious implications of the depths.

“There will be some highlight of where you feel neglected or like a misfit.”


Francesca said: “The full moon is in your 10th house so it’s all about career.

“Perhaps you’ve done a lot of healing recently or have healed a lot of others, maybe you’re a nurse.

“There’s some pain and challenge in dealing with the work life balance.

“You need to delegate, rethink the situation, and let things go.”

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: man on phone

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: Gemini’s need to stop conversing online and meet up with friends where possible (Image: Getty)

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: Woman at desk

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: Cancerians need to figure out a balance between work and play (Image: Getty)


Francesca said: “You want to travel, you want to learn, and you want to see things.

“Maybe you’re wanting too much and over exploring.

“You feel good and want to join loads of groups but right now you’re neglecting your day to day routine.

“Forget searching and learning and wanting to get away, you need to focus on what’s at home.”


Francesca said: “Virgo is in the 8th House of sex, death, and other peoples money.

“This is the house of intimacy and joint finances.

“There’s something painful here that makes you cautious about joining your finances with your partner or getting married.

“There also may be a fear of intimacy which could hold you back.

“You want to feel grounded, steady and stable and have great self esteem which allows you to merge with another and be creative.”

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Francesca said: “This Full Moon is in your 7th house, and as a Libra you’re concerned with relationships as it is.

“This Full Moon is reflecting back at you the past issues and hurts that you haven’t dealt with.

“There’s a reconsideration of relationships, whether it’s work or personal.

“Something needs to be removed or addressed.

“Maybe it’s not everybody else all the time, you might be part of the problem.”


Francesca said: “This Full Moon has shown you that your day to day schedule is chaotic.

“You might want to ask yourself why you’re so frantic and behaving like a busy fool.

“You could be selective or productive, but there’s something keeping you from dealing with what you need to deal with.

“It’s a good idea that you deal with it because it could affect your health– emotional, physical, or spiritual.”

“There’s some value in feeling the moment instead of being busy.”

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: couple fighting

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: Librans might find themselves dealing with relationship issues (Image: Getty)

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: MESSY ROOM

October Full Moon 2020 horoscope: Scorpios have had a chaotic schedule recently (Image: Getty)


Francesca said: “This Full Moon is in your 5th house of creativity.

“You want to shine, feel special, and be known for your creative output at the moment.

“There’s something holding you back from getting on the stage– you want to fit in with the group.

“Getting comfortable with not being the same as everyone else and being ok with the fact that not everyone will like you is key.

“Any previous disappointments that hold you back from being yourself need to be dealt with.”


Francesca said: “The Full Moon is in your House of home, parenting, and responsibility.

“Your work life balance has been shot to pieces, particularly those born in January.

“You’re having a transformation of existence, who you are and how you express yourself.

“You might want to shine and develop their amazing career, but there are things that you need to deal with at home– things that need to change and be let go of.”


Francesca said: “This Full Moon is about your communication.

“You might be really putting yourself on the line at the moment.

“The goal is higher learning and developing philosophies outside of yourself, but there’s still some nitty gritty and detail that you need to look into that will help you shine and be outstanding.

“Any issues in jumping the gun and wanting to get to the solution can be highlighted now.

“You might want to get abroad and be hungry for new culture and ideas, but you may need to consider alternative ways to get those feelings.”


Francesca said: “This Full Moon is all about your value- money and self esteem.

“Look at your self-esteem. How do you value yourself?

“Where have you been told you’re not good enough and how does this impact everything in your life?

“It could be that some relationship could be making you feel not great about yourself, so it’s time for some affirmations.

“Keep a close eye on your personal finance this month too.”

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