New Moon solar eclipse in December 2020: What’s the horoscope for the next New Moon?


Kirsty added: “Solar eclipses are like an amplified new moon bringing real new beginnings, but as the south node is active this comes with a sense of having to let go first so that this space can be replaced with the new beginnings that you are seeking.

“No longer can we have one foot in the ‘safety’ of the past and our comfort zone yet still expect to be able to move forward and expand into the future.”

What are you holding onto that is no longer your truth, and what isn’t serving, working, or expanding you?

Kirsty said: “2020 has changed us all and what you perhaps thought was true for you and the direction of your life at the start of the year may now be completely different, it’s time to be honest about that and what it is that you really want, and equally what you no longer want to take forwards with you.”

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