Meghan Markle and Prince Harry news: Duke ‘distracted’ while Duchess shows ‘impatience’


Judi said: “Meghan’s poised, focused confidence is in contrast to Harry’s more fidgety, distracted look.

“His lips pull in before he speaks and at one point and while Meghan takes her turn to talk he even knits his fingers together and seems to crack his knuckles, which can be a self-attack like nail-biting.

“Self-attacks and lip-sucking can signal discomfort, making Harry look keen but slightly awkward here.

“Meghan also performs some gestures of re-motivation when Harry speaks, pursing her lips and rubbing her hand on her leg in a way that could display some degree of impatience.

“This political pitch is a first for royals and the body language here suggests rather naturally that this is a tricky one for Harry who looks eager to please versus Meghan’s tone of genuine, focused passion.”

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