Kate Middleton: This Morning appearance saw Duchess ask Phil ‘killer question’


Judi went on: “Her social skills with Holly and Phil looked natural and she was comfortable moving ‘off-script’ at the end, throwing in a request for Phil and Holly to send in photos after Phil was winding their chat to an end.

“She even told them they’re ‘not going to get judged’, suggesting she was confident enough to joke with them and even lead the chat.

“Kate’s overall persona is fun, with either a wide smile or a nose-wrinkling laugh, but she also shares a trait with her husband William that suggests genuine concern and possible sadness at times, too.

“When talking about the sadder aspects of the lock-down her right eyebrow lifts in a steeple of concern, while she glances to the left to reflect before she speaks and her eyes return to camera.”

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