Kate Middleton news: William looks ‘submissively’ on at Duchess in Christmas card


According to Judi, the big change in 2020 for the family has been Kate’s changing role.

The Duchess of Cambridge took on a big role this year in the Royal Family, heading up The 5 Big Questions survey, a nationwide project on children’s mental health.

Judi explained: “The lockdown appears to have created stronger balance and unity for this family unit, with Kate’s rising star in 2020 placing her in the power position this year, with William leaning in towards her fondly and more submissively.

“Kate’s body language illustrates the way she has been the powerhouse of the Firm this year and her confident approach shows how far she has come as a video and online presenter and speaker.

“The matching earthy tones of 2020 compare to the colder blues of 2019, hinting at a return to basics for the family in terms of closeness and warmth.”

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