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A Song of Ice and Fire fans are hopeful for a summer 2020 release of The after creator set himself a deadline on his blog earlier this year. However, it’s believed he was almost done four years ago before allegedly rewriting most of it.

ASOIAF fan palinedrome777 speculates that Martin was losing interest in his A Song of Ice and Fire characters before getting a second wind to finish the penultimate A Song of Ice and Fire book.

They argue:” George started [writing The Winds of Winter] in 2012, nihilistic a bit about [A] Feast [of Crows] and [A] Dance [with Dragons’] receptions, concerned that Winds might not fit.

“And from 2012 to 2015, in three years, he was on a writing streak, likely almost finishing the book, but then having to go back and re do it again, from then.

“And until early 2019. he was a bit bummed down about that, and found working on different projects a bit refreshing, but as I said, earlier this year, he pulled back and showed optimism; who knows why that is?”

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They added: “Maybe he is happy the show is over, maybe he is refreshed about the prequels and excited for them.

“Maybe he just felt like jumping back to writing it, add in, the weight of 19 PoVs, all those storylines, and having to tie it all together before the ultimate showdown during A Dream of Spring.

“And you can see Winds is a difficult book to write well, and so, with all that, it might come in the next two years.”

Last month, George RR Marin teased The Winds of Winter’s completion is finally nearing.

“Relatively near future” sounds pretty encouraging for Martin’s completion of the penultimate A Song of Ice and Fire book.

However, a popular fan post on the ASOIAF Reddit points out that fans need to be careful.

ASOIAF expert BryndenBFish wrote on Reddit: “Maybe there’s some optimism for the book coming relatively soon – Not that we haven’t been hurt by George’s optimism before.”

Certainly, fans should be pleased that Martin has said on his blog he won’t be penning any scripts for House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel, until The Winds of Winter is finished.

Martin has also spoken recently of the pressure of finishing The Winds of Winter amid “snarky” fan impatience.

Martin said: “Yes, especially because a certain portion of them are really impatient and snarky about it. You know, you can get one person who posts 150 messages in three days, all of which is ‘Where is Winds of Winter?’

“If any of you go home and post on your Twitter account, ‘Hey I was just at the Chicago Public Library Sandburg Award dinner and George R.R. Martin was there,’ you know by the third message someone will say, well, ‘What the hell is he doing there? Where is Winds of Winter?’

“So at this point, it is what it is. And, you know, I should probably leave right now and go back [to] writing Winds of Winter. It’s very important [to] me to finish A Song of Ice and Fire. I want to finish it. I still have two more books to do, and I want to finish it strong.”

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