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Although Freddie famously said he never saw himself having children, he was a natural with them. He doted on the sons of his great friend and producer Reinhold Mack and was godfather to the third boy. He was also godfather to the son of his ex-girlfriend Mary Austin. A beautiful home video shows the global star goofing around and playing with the baby, the godson he would never see grow.

The heartwarming home video shows Freddie dressed in a festive bright red top. The house is decorated for Christmas and gifts are piled up. 

The star keeps ducking out of shot behind the toddler, who is propped up standing on the sofa looking into the video camera. 

Some viewers have suggested Freddie is trying to avoid being seen because he was conscious he was starting to look ill.

But there is actually a much sweeter explanation.

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Mary and Freddie officially separated in 1976 but remained incredibly close for all the following 15 years.

She was constantly by his side in his final years, along with Freddie’s partner Jim Hutton, Freddie’s ex-boyfriend Joe Fanelli and Freddie’s PA Peter Freestone.

Freddie’s friend and journalist David Wigg recalled one touching scene in the final months of the star’s life: “She used to sit with him for six hours. He asked whether she’d put on a video of a concert he’d done. At the end of it, he turned to her and said, ‘I was handsome then, wasn’t I?’ and she’d say, ‘You’re still handsome now.’ It was very touching. Very sad.”

It was no surprise to those who knew Freddie best that he left his home and the bulk of his fortune to Mary in his will. Although he was in a stable and loving relationship with Jim, it was Mary who always remained the person at the heart of Freddie’s life.

These home videos have never been officially released, although they have been circulated respectfully on various fansites and platforms. Follow the links below to watch them.


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