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Emma is one of Jane Austen’s classics, about a girl who is forced to live as a big fish in a small pond. She is full of fun and wit, but her intelligence means she gets bored fairly easily. Despite vowing never to marry, at one point her feelings change, but the moment is somewhat spoiled.

*WARNING – Emma spoilers below

Many fans who have seen Emma will know there is one moment which is slightly odd, and not at all what is in the book.

After a long while of struggling with her feelings, Mr Knightley (played by Johnny Flynn) finally meets his match in Emma (Anya Taylor-Joy) and admits his feelings for her.

It’s a journey they have been on for a really long time, where the pair have grown closer and seemed as if they would get together for years.

However, their irritation at one another sometimes got the better of them, and forced them into arguments before love affairs.

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By the end of the film, however, the pair have come to terms with their feelings for one another and Knightley finally makes his approach.

The moment is beautiful and shocking, as Emma looks as though she is refusing him due to her confusion of Frank Churchill’s new relationship, Harriet Smith’s declaration of her love for Knightley and many other things weighing on her mind.

In the end, he finally gets his feelings out, and she seems to be accepting of them, until disaster strikes.

Her nose begins to bleed in a shocking way, which is absolutely a girl’s worst nightmare in such a moment.

While this may seem fairly random, it has been revealed there is a purpose behind the madness.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Autumn de Wilde, the film’s director, shed some light on the scene.

Asked about whether that was an idea to make the film more modern, Autumn said: “It would be except that Ii literally got a nosebleed today.

“That is in the script because I get nosebleeds all the time and have since I was little. It was another one of those human things.

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“Sometimes we forget when we look at a story from the 1800s, and a story as famous as Emma, we think of them all as adults because it’s the olden days. But they’re just ids.

“They’re badly behaved – it’s kind of like high school.

“I think that those things remind people that there’s a human underneath all those rules and a foreign behaviour we’re not used to.”

Fans will remember when director Amy Heckerling tried to update Emma to a modern day, and this saw the cast of Emma drinking, partying, being mean to one another and obsessing over their outfits in a way most period adaptations do not concern themselves with.

But, as Autumn described, there are many human and modern elements to Emma.

She added: “Part of the comedy of Emma is her failed attempts to control everyone around her.

“She’s definitely smart enough, but no one is smart enough to control love and I think in order to love Emma and to be able to survive her bad behaviour, which was really important to have in the film, I think you needed to be able to laugh at her bad behaviour.

“We’ve all had an Emma best friend at some point who was not so kind. Someone like that can’t really hurt you unless you really believe they have the potential to be good.”

Later, speaking about what she wanted Emma to be, she said: “I wanted to really show her youth and the hubris of youth. I think that when a girl is as intelligent as Emma, with the restrictions that she had, for being in charge of her own destiny in that time period…

“That’s why this story lasts and lasts and last, because these things we will never know and we’ll always struggle to figure out.”

Of course, this story has made a significant impact on the world over many years, and will continue to do so.

Emma is in cinemas now

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