Coronavirus: Which supermarkets stock Dettol? Do Tesco, ASDA or Sainsbury’s have it?


Coronavirus is causing concerns for many. The illness can live on surfaces for days, it’s been revealed. So where you can still buy disinfectants like Dettol?

In second place is Sainsbury’s. Stocking 23 out of 26 cleaning essentials, it currently doesn’t have white vinegar spray, multipurpose spray (Dettol) and fluffy dusters (Pledge) in stock.

Next is Waitrose with 22 out of 26 products in stock.

It is followed by Tesco (21/26) and then Morrisons (18/26).

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The NHS has advised: “Use disposable cloths or paper towels when possible.”

It added: “Reusable cloths should be disinfected or washed at 60C (140F) after each use.

“Toilets should be flushed after each use, and disinfectant should be used to keep the seat, handle and rim clean.

“Keep showers trays and baths and sinks clean, and “clean shower curtains frequently”.

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