Bran Stark net worth: How much is Game of Thrones actor Isaac Hempstead Wright paid?


Isaac Hempstead-Wright is the British actor known for playing Bran Stark on Game of Thrones.

Brandon Stark is a character who is left paralysed from the waist down at a young age because he was thrown from a window after discovering a brother and sister in a romantic incestual relationship during the act.

He has prophetic visions and is able to inhabit the mind of a dog or a crow.

Some believe Bran will be the one to sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series, especially since a number of supposed leaks suggested it.

The supposed revelation caused mixed feelings.

One Twitter user wrote: “I can’t wait to see Bran Stark sitting on the iron throne while Jon Snow goes to exile after killing Daenerys.

“Sansa will continue to rule winterfell while Arya travels the world. Let’s see it this theory comes true.”

Another said: “I still predict bran stark gets the iron throne.”

However, one said: “Ima say this now. If bran stark ends up on the iron throne idc about the earlier seasons game of thrones is trash. It’ll ruin the whole series for me. This man bran has done nothing for 8 seasons”

Isaac told Hollywood Reporter his views on of calls for a different ending to Game of Thrones.

“It’s just absurd. I can’t even fathom it. It’s just ridiculous.

“It’s ridiculous that people think they can just demand a different ending because they don’t like it.

“I have stupidly taken it quite personally, which obviously I shouldn’t. In my opinion, it’s a great ending.”

Originally from Surrey, he is just 20-years-old and was only 12 when the first season of Game of Thrones aired.

He joined a drama club to avoid playing football in the cold, leading to his starring role in one of the most popular TV programmes of the past decade.

Isaac was accepted to the University of Birmingham in 2017, but deferred for two years to focus on acting. He is now back at university studying neuroscience.

According to Isaac Hempstead-Wright has a net worth of $4 million or just over £3m.

Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark – around $10,000 or £7,800 per episode.

That would scoop him around £78,000 for this season, not a bad payday by any stretch of the imagination.

Other major cast members, such as Kit Harington and Lena Heady, are reported to be paid $500,000 or £383,000 an episode.

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