Back to the Future: New theory claims Doc Brown time travelled before the movie began | Films | Entertainment


The theorist continued: “An independently wealthy Doc invents time travel later in life. He’s successful in his first attempt because he uses modern parts and resources to get the job done. Afraid of being disgraced for testing time travel on himself, he foregoes any cameras or documentation.

“So, Doc visits the past (at any point before November 5, 1955), and returns to the future at the precise time he left only to find that his estate had burned down 20+ years ago. Doc finds that he’s now a disgraced and eccentric hermit that lives and works out of the garage (that didn’t burn down).

“Dissatisfied with this outcome, Doc decides to fix things. And since he is no longer concerned with THIS reality (and intends to undo it), along with the fact that he now needs a more realistic means to generate the 1.21 gigawatts (not lightning), he has no problem stealing from the Libyans to achieve his goal.

“After all, if he’s successful, he could fix the past and none of this would never have happened anyways!”

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