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Adam Lambert is the latest addition to Queen and a worthy replacement of the late great frontman Freddie Mercury, who brought the band to new heights. Freddie Mercury has become one of the biggest legends in rock music. When he died, the band’s music output died down, but Lambert has brought a new lease of life. Brian May has given an interview talking about what Lambert brings to the group, but there are risks involved.

In an exclusive interview with, the legendary guitarist shed some light on the addition of the lead singer and how he divides his time.

May shared: “Adam’s really busy he drives himself very hard.

“He’s got two careers, one with us and one outside it doing his solo projects.”

But could this prove troublesome in the future? Will Lambert end up facing burn out? Or can he keep his multitude of plates spinning in the air?

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The band are back on tour in the new year.

“This is just a short break,” May went on. “We will be in Korea and Japan in January, moving on to Australia and New Zealand.

“Then we come back here and after a short break we’ll be doing Europe, and back into the UK and the O2.

“Those tickets are already on sale. It’s full-on. If we don’t peg out this is going to be a busy year.”

Asked if he was looking forward to it, May was still enthusiastic.

“Yeah I am yeah, this is what we do, it takes a lot of application, a lot of focus, [and you] have to be fit.

“Because if you weren’t fit you really would fall down very quickly, so I’m more serious on fitness these days.

“That’s another passion now! I like this fitness, I like it! It takes a while you have to get used to it, I was c**p when I was like 35 I didn’t do anything you know.

“Yeah he’s a shot in the arm he really is.

“He’s like new blood, you know actually we have been secretly drinking Adam’s blood to stay young.

“That’s what Halloween is all about!” May added.

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